Desk Study 1

Beam and plate lintels are often designed by structural engineers for their high load capacity and/or long achievable spans.  Structurally they work great and are often more cost effective than the major brands versions.

However, there is a downside.

By the very nature of the lintel, there is a thick plate that projects from the inner beam to the outside of the building.  This gives the heat you’ve paid for a clear path to exit the building.  A thermal transmittance of 1W/mK* can be expected from one of these beams.  Not only that, the temperature factor can be under the 0.75 value that is required to minimise the risk of mould growth.

Our patent pending design combats this.

Designed and modelled using cutting edge finite element methods, we can manufacture lintels with thermal transmittance values of 0.07W/mK* (sometimes even lower with a bit of additional work), and temperature factors in excess of 0.9*.

The difference in thermal performance can be seen in the picture.  The left being a typical beam and plate lintel, and the right being our thermally broken design.

We will give our anticipated thermal transmittance (psi) values and temperature factors with our quotations bespoke to your construction, so there’s nothing to lose by making an enquiry!

* – Actual value may vary depending on the beam specification and construction of the property.

(UK Pat.No. GB2312797.0)