Thermally Broken Lintels

Need to improve your SAPs score or want to reduce heat loss from your property?  We can help.

A typical cavity wall lintel consists of a bent steel profile with polystyrene insulation in the cavity to improve thermal performance.  However, as the steel connects the inner and outer skins an elevated level of heat loss can occur.

Thermally broken lintels improve the thermal performance by ensuring the inner and outer sections of steel do not meet.  The steel thermal bridge is essentially broken.

Major brands manufacture and sell thermally broken lintels, but these are limited by the available lengths and load capacity.  For example, they are unlikely to manufacture a lintel for any opening wider than 4.5m or a lintel that can withstand significant point loadings.

Such lengthy and high load rated beams can require large amounts of steel that is a significant thermal bridge and vastly reduces thermal performance when compared to other lintels.

That’s where we step in.

We can structurally design, thermally model, fabricate and deliver thermally broken lintels that other manufacturers do not offer.  We are fully insured and fabricate our steelwork in accordance with BS EN 1090 execution class 2.

Did you know:

  • Beam and plate lintels typically designed by structural engineers are significant thermal bridges and can increase the risk of mould growth.  Our thermally broken lintels aren’t and don’t – See Desk Study 1
  • Just one of our thermally broken lintels can be the equivalent of upgrading every other lintel in your property to a thermally broken one – See Desk Study 2
  • One of our thermally broken lintels for a 5m set of doors can reduce your carbon footprint by 68.8kg per year, and reduce your yearly heating bill by £39.54 – See Desk Study 3
  • Using one of our thermally broken lintels, your opening can be 43% wider with the same amount of heat loss – See Desk Study 4

We state our anticipated thermal transmittance values and temperature factors with our quotations, so there’s nothing to lose by sending us an enquiry.